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Introducing the life of Razia Sultan, the great heroine of the country who created history


Introducing the life of Razia Sultan, the great heroine of the country who created history

Introducing the life of Razia Sultan, the great heroine of the country who created history

Razia Sultan History

Razia Sultan was the most powerful woman in history, who not only created history by becoming the first woman ruler, but ruled the throne of Delhi as a just, prolific, courageous ruler from 1236 to 1240.
Razia Sultan got the development work done in her state and encouraged education. He possessed all the qualities of a great administrator, although many wealthy Turkish rulers were jealous of him because of his military capability and efficient administration, and were unable to accept all these qualities because of his being a woman.
Apart from this, Razia Sultan also had to face a lot of agitation by the conservative Muslim society. In fact, during the time when the women of the Islam religion lived in the custom of curtain and lived inside the four walls of the house, during that time, Razia Sultan attacked the orthodox Islamic thinking by wearing a masculine dress.
In spite of all the struggles, Razia Sultan ruled the palace of Delhi and sat with Shaanoat and created history by becoming the first Muslim ruler of Delhi Sultanate. So let us know some special and important things related to the life of the most courageous and brave ruler of history , Razia Sultan-

Introducing the life of Razia Sultan, the great heroine of the country who created history - Razia Sultan
Razia sultan

Biography of Razia Sultan at a glance - Razia Sultan Information
Full Name            Jalalat Ud Din Razis
Birthday               1205, Badaun
Mother Name   Qutub Begum
Father Name     Sham sham shuddin iltutmish
Husband Name Malik Altunia, commander of Bhatida
Death    13 October 1240
Birth, family, education and early life of Razia Sultan - Razia Sultan Biography
Razia Sultan was born in 1236 AD to Sham-Shuddin Iltutmish, the famous ruler of the Delhi Sultanate and the famous Sultan of history. Razia was the only and most capable sister of Sultan's three brothers. Razia Sultan's childhood name was Hafsa Moin, but everyone called her Razia.
His father Iltutmish had captured the talent of Razia Sultan since childhood and raised him like his sons.
From the very beginning, he gave military training to Razia Sultan and had developed all the qualities to become a skilled administrator in him and he used to take his daughter to the field and conduct war exercises like a brave soldier.

Due to which Razia Sultan became adept at fencing and horse riding at a very young age like a brave heroic warrior.

Razia Sultan as Sultan of Delhi and first Muslim female ruler - Razia Sultan History
Razia Sultan's father Iltutmish had already made history by announcing his daughter to be his successor in view of his skilled military training.
However, it was not so easy for Razia Sultan to sit on the throne of Delhi. Indeed, after his father's death in 1236 AD, the Muslim community refused to accept a woman as Sultan, and placed Razia's brother Rukhuddin Feroz on the throne of Delhi.
But Rukhinuddin Feroze proved to be a foolish and incompetent ruler. After which the throne was handed over to Razia's mother, but a few days later both her mother and brother were murdered, after which Razia Sultan became the ruler of Delhi in November 10, 1236 AD and made history by becoming the first Muslim female ruler of history. .
Razia Sultan skillfully assumed the throne of Delhi on the lines of his intelligence and prudence and shocked the orthodox Muslim society and proved himself to be a visionary, judicious, tactful, people-friendly ruler. He expanded his state fiercely and got development works done.
Important works and achievements of Razia Sultan - Razia Sultan Achievements
Razia Sultan, the first Muslim woman ruler to sit on the throne of Delhi, was a skilled administrator who, like an ideal ruler, did development work in her kingdom.
He not only protected Delhi on the strength of his excellent military skills, but also reformed the law and order of his state, got many schools, colleges and educational institutions built to promote education.
To run the water system in our state, wells and wells were dug, roads were constructed. Apart from this, he worked for Hindu and Muslim unity and also encouraged art, culture and music.
Razia Sultan's love story and marriage - Razia Sultan Love Story
The unmatched story of his love for Razia Sultan, the first Muslim female ruler to sit on the throne of Delhi and his slave Jamaluddin Yakut, is still exemplified in history. His love story was the most talked about and famous love story in history.
Let us tell you that Razia Sultan had a flirtation with his mentor Yakut. The love of the two soon began to rise, after which many Muslim rulers opposed it.
At the same time, the Governor of Bathinda, Ikhtyar Altunia, was also convinced of the beauty of Razia Sultan and he wanted to get him under any circumstances, and also to occupy Delhi.
Due to this, Altunia attacked Delhi and killed Razia Sultan's lover Yakut and made him a prisoner.
At the same time, Razia Sultan had no other option but to marry Altunia to save his rule, so Razia married Altunia again, although Razia continued to love her own death.

Death of Razia Sultan - Razia Sultan Death

When Razia Sultan was involved in this rebellion. During this time some of his opponents attacked Delhi taking advantage of this and Razia's brother Mejuddin Behram Shah was declared the Sultan of Delhi.
After this, Razia along with her husband Altunia waged a war against her brother to regain the throne of Delhi. However, the Razia Sultan suffered defeat in this war and was forced to leave Delhi.
While both of them were running away from Delhi, when the Jat rulers killed both of them. Thus ended the most powerful first female Muslim ruler in history.
Razia Sultan Movies and TV on Razia Sultan - Razia Sultan Movie and Serial
Serial on Razia Sultan - Razia Sultan Serial A film has also been made on the love story of Razia Sultan, the most powerful female ruler in history. In the year 1983, the film "Razia Sultan" was released under the direction of Kamal Amrohi.
In this film, Bollywood's famous actress Hema Malini ji played the role of Razia Sultan, while famous actors Dharmendra and Parveen Bobby also played important roles in it.
In it, the love of Razia Sultan and his slave Yakut is filmed very brilliantly. Apart from this, a TV series has also been released on Razia Sultan in 2015, which was well liked by the audience.
The tomb of Razia Sultan, the first female Muslim ruler of Delhi, remains with her lover, not her husband. It has been claimed by many historians that the tomb of Razia Sultan and his lover Yakut are built at three different places.
According to some historians, the tomb of Razia Begum remains in Delhi, while some claim to have their tomb in Kaithal, while some historians say in the tomb of this most powerful Sultan.
Although no concrete evidence has yet been known, there has been strong evidence of the tomb of Yakut, her lover with Razia Sultan.

The main reasons for the fall of Razia Sultan -

Keeping the rich under control by Razia Sultan:
Razia Sultan was a very courageous, skilled and capable administrator who thought about the well-being and development of the people of his state, while some of the great subedars and businessmen of his state wanted to profit in an arbitrary way.
But in the kingdom of Razia Sultan, the rich class could not fulfill their selfishness, because they wanted to keep full control of the power and keep it under the rigid control of the crown of the rich.
Razia being a woman:
Razia Sultan's downfall is also said to be his woman. In fact, she was a qualified and efficient administrator who possessed all the qualities of a great warrior, so many other Muslim and Turkish rulers considered it insulting to lead a female ruler with an impressive image.
Because women were not given so much attention during that time and they considered it against their pride.
Razia's manly attitude:
Razia Sultan was the first female Muslim ruler in history, who renounced the veils and started wearing masculine clothes. However, due to this, he had to face a lot of movement of Islamic society.
Not only this, they were hunted like men, because of fighting like a soldier in the war, many hardcore Muslims were opposed to them. It is also believed to be the main cause of the downfall of Razia Sultan.
Razia's relationship with Yakut:
Razia's downfall is also attributed to her love affair with her lover Yakut. His love for African slaves was one of the main reasons for his end.
The story of the courage and valor of Razia Sultan is written in golden letters in Indian history. She was the Muslim woman ruler who ruled over the throne of Delhi, to which all Hindustanis care, and she is an inspiration for all women.
Razia, despite being a woman, praised her for the fearlessness with which she faced the crisis, because of all modern historians. A historian has even written that,

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